About This Station

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station fitted with the enhanced Sensirion SHT31 temperature and humidity sensor .  The data is collected every 2.5 to 50 seconds and most of the current data is updated 10 seconds.  This website and most of its data is collected and displayed using Weather Display Software.  The station comprises of an anemometer, rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for high accuracy.  It also has a Davis Solar Radiation and Ultra Violet sensors and an Instromet MetPlus Sunshine hours sensor.  In addition to the Davis standard tipping bucket rain gauge with a 0.2mm resolution, an Instromet MetPlus high resolution infra red optical measuring rain gauge capable of 0.01 mm resolution is used for more precise rainfall recording. 

The Sunshine Sensor functions by comparing sunlight to shadow.  When the ratio exceeds a pre-determined threshold the sun is deemed to be shining and the counters will count up one every 36 seconds (0.01 hour). The sunshine sensor and digital rain gauge, both obtained from Instromet Weather Monitoring, are connected to a MetPlus data logger and the data is recorded and stored using Cumulus Weather Station Software .  A custom VB.net program converts this data for use on the website.

The webcam image is created using a Raspberry Pi 2 fitted with the Raspberry Pi camera board.  The camera faces north and is updated every 10 seconds.  The HD video image is processed by the Raspberry Pi 2 to produce a still image which is subsequently processed by ImageSalsa software before sending to the website.

About Harrow

Harrow is the second principal town in the London Borough of Harrow, North West London. It is a suburb situated 12.2 miles (16.4 km) west northwest of Charing Cross, the centre of London.  It is one of ten major metropolitan centres identified in the London Plan. Harrow is widely known for Harrow School, attended by seven Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.  W S Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan used to live in Old Redding in a big old house now the Grim's Dyke Hotel.

In the past, land that now comprises the Borough of Harrow was a collection of villages surrounded by farmed and open land.  The area prospered as London grew, and as transport links improved with the Metropolitan Railway, housing filled much of the space between the villages, with some land reserved for parks.  Villages like Harrow-on-the-Hill, Pinner, Hooking Green, Wealdstone, Hatch End, Stanmore, Wealdstone and Headstone now make up the borough of Harrow.

Bentley Priory

The original priory, on a site nearby the current house, housed a cell of Augustine Friars and was believed to have been founded about 1170 by Ranulf de Glanville, a lawyer.  Another priory, built in the 13th century in honour of St Mary Magdalene was given by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Prior of St Gregory.   Its religious days ended in 1546 and it was eventually sold to James Duberley, an army contractor, in 1766.  He is thought to have pulled down the priory and built the existing, more imposing house higher up the hill about 1775.  Over a number of years the house was extended and refurbished and the existing clock tower was added at a later date.  It was a family home until 1882 when it was converted into a hotel, then a girls school until 1924 when it was bought by the Air Ministry in 1926.  It was from here that Air Marshall Lord Dowding controlled RAF operations during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Headstone Manor

Headstone Manor and adjacent barn dates from the 14th century.  The moated manor house was built as a home for the Archbishops of Canterbury and is an architecturally rare building which has recently been restored.  Original moated buildings are exceedingly rare.  The land on which Headstone Manor stands is recorded to have belonged to Wulfred, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 825AD.  The construction of Headstone Manor began in c.1310, as revealed by the tree-ring dating of the building’s oldest timbers.  John Stratford, Archbishop of Canterbury, purchased even more land around the site in 1344 and used the site as his main residence in Middlesex.  Headstone Manor remained in the ownership of the Archbishops of Canterbury until 1546, when it was surrendered to Henry VIII.  Soon after, Henry VIII sold it to one of his court favourites, and it remained in private ownership for almost four centuries. 

About This Website


All of the graphs/charts on this website have been generated using JPGraph v4.0.2. and PHP 7.

The "2 hour", "24 hour" and this year's annual chart are generated on the browser request.  All the other charts are sent from cached image files.

Weather Forecast

 The forecast is generated by WXSIM using local data and data downloaded from the Internet.  This weather forecast should never be used for important decisions.  


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